Residents say apartment complex haunted by ‘smell of death’

Laurel Plaza.jpg

The smell of death.

Some people say it lingers in an apartment complex in New Braunfels where things are so bad, they don’t know where to turn.

The New Braunfels housing authority, who oversees the laurel plaza apartments said they’ve had 7 reported incidents of smells or rat activity, and the Mayor said there is now a new interim director to try and fix these problems.

“Every room has a story.” She told us.

And said it’s never been worse than it is now.

“They put me on the 5th floor in room 514 and that room full of nothing but bed bugs,” Amelia said, “I would feel the flies all over me biting me.”

She blames management for the state of her surroundings.

“Rats come inside the apartment because there’s a hole under the floor where all the rats are coming from.” Amelia said.

Mickey Lloyd, Programs Manager with the New Braunfels Housing Authority doesn’t deny the problems.

“We’re doing the best we can with the bed bug situation but it’s ongoing and the best we can do is manage it.” Lloyd said.

And even took us inside to smell for ourselves.

“When we increased application of rodenticide that gave us the result we wanted but there’s a residue with that, since January what we’ve been dealing with is the smell of dead rodents.” Lloyd said.

And said the best solution right now is time.

“It’s a little bit more difficult in an apartment complex than it is in a house or a duplex and it’s even added difficulty when you’re working with seniors and disabled.” Lloyd said.

The city is documenting reports on pest control and the mayor said the new Interim Director of the Housing Authority is getting results.

Moving forward rooms are checked once a month, and if one tests positive it will be treated and checked once a week.

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