Bed Bug Attack At Historic Queen Mary Ship Hotel In California Hospitalizes NY Woman. My Bed Bug Lawyer Files Lawsuit.

NEWS PROVIDED BY My Bed Bug Lawyer Inc. 

Mar 20, 2019, 11:06 ET

LOS ANGELESMarch 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — My Bed Bug Lawyer Inc. (, the Nation’s leading law firm for Bedbug Litigation has filed a lawsuit against the Historic Queen Mary Hotel, Urban Commons Queensway, LLC; Evolution Hospitality, LLC, over a New York couple’s exposure to bed bugs during a recent stay at the hotel.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants failed in its obligation to provide a bed-bug-free and habitable room to the Libertelli’s. According to Brian Virag, the Founder of My Bed Bug Lawyer, Inc., the Hotel was aware of bed bug complaints prior to the couples’ stay.  “This was a situation where two unsuspecting people trusted the Queen Mary, and were betrayed. Mrs. Libertelli was bitten throughout her body, including, but not limited to her face, ears, neck, hands fingers, arms, and back, and her husband Joseph also sustained bedbug bites all over his body. The bedbug bites caused a severe allergic reaction and Mrs. Libertelli was hospitalized as a result of this incident,” said Virag.

The Libertelli’s have sustained physical, emotional, and financial injuries as a result of the exposure from the bed bug infested room they rented at the famous hotel and tourist attraction, located in Long Beach, California.

“Bed bugs don’t discriminate, they don’t check TripAdvisor before they attack,” Virag added, “They are found in hotels throughout the country and worldwide. Bed bug infestation in hotels have reached an epidemic proportion and is the most serious issue facing the hotel industry, because of the harm to a hotel’s reputation and brand.”

One in every five Americans has experienced bed bugs or knows someone who has experienced bed bugs.

Virag’s firm My Bed Bug Lawyer filed a lawsuit against the Disneyland Hotel and has also filed a lawsuit on behalf of Brazilian supermodel against Hilton Hotels over exposure to bed bugs in a Palm Desert, California. Mr. Virag has obtained the largest bed bug jury verdicts in the United States.  For more details visit

Virag’s firm specializes exclusively in representing victims of bedbug exposure from apartment buildings, hotels, or furniture stores. “We provide a voice for those who don’t have one,” added Virag.

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My Bed Bug Lawyer is the foremost authority on bed bug infestation lawsuits. For more information, visit

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