A local family came to News 10 with concerns after claiming a book from the library invaded their home with bed bugs.Posted: Apr. 10, 2019 7:11

By: Jordan Kudisch

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI)- A local family reached out to News 10 with concerns regarding bed bugs.

Charles Edwards and his wife told us they believe the bugs came from a book they checked out at the Vigo County Public Library.

“It crawled out of my book and I flicked it off because I had no idea what it was,” said Edwards.

Edwards and his wife read books regularly and shared their disappointment after they found the bugs.

“We love to read. Now we are afraid to go back because of the bugs,” said Edwards.

They told us they spent thousands of dollars fumigating the house with hopes the bugs would disappear. 

“She would get up at night and go to the bathroom and find something on her. We didn’t know what they were, we didn’t know they were bed bugs and that’s hell when you have to live with that,” said Edwards.

Vigo County Public Library Public Relations Manager, Elizabeth Scamihorn, told us pest control experts checked the area at the time of the claims and they did not find any trace of bed bugs at the time.

“Vigo County Library wants to make sure that the public is welcomed into a clean and safe environment so we have several different proactive measures we have in place to make sure that we have eradicated insects if they make their way into our facility,” said Scamihorn. 

Bed bugs are commonly mistaken for being related to dirty places and that is not the case.

According to experts, the bugs do not like grime, they prefer the warmth and blood however, they can be found in the spine of a book.

News 10 also spoke with the Terre Haute Health Department and they told us in 2018 they received 37 complaints about bed bugs.

The department said the bugs are not a health concern because they don’t carry diseases.

The Edwards family’s biggest concern is the invasion on their home.

“There needs to be something done like I’ve said before the library we love it, it’s a great place, but once you get something like that it costs you the price we paid and that’s a hell of a price to pay for books. We wish we could go back but were afraid to,” said Edwards.

The family told News 10 they don’t want to blame anyone for the issue, they just want to inform the public that bed bugs exist in the area.

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