Parma Apartment Building Infested with bed bugs, residents say

By Victor Williams 4/25/19
CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Residents at Parma Park Apartment complex are claiming that they’ve been living with bed bugs for years.
“You look at your walls, you’re looking for bugs, you’re making sure that you don’t have it. That is no way to live,” said Laura Murphy.
The managers seems to have a unique way of inspecting the building.
“Ten units once a month they check out of 58 units and if they’re infested with Beg Bug, they contact the exterminator of they’re choice and then they treat that one unit,” said Stacy Graewe.
The tenant is then slapped with an $800 bill. Most of the seniors inside are on a fixed income which creates even more of a hardship.
“Some of the residents have experienced it more than once now, so they’ve gotten bills over and over,” said Graewe.
“I live in a one bedroom apartment. $800 seems like that would be treatment for a whole house,” said another resident wishing not to be named.
Another issue is the amount of time it takes for exterminators to finally treat an apartment if the bugs are found.
“They also waited 10 days after I reported it to come and treat, so by that time my entire place was infested,” said the anonymous resident.
“According to the leasing office, there’s nothing else they’re going to do. I asked her straight out, would you want to live here and she had no answer,” concluded Graewe.
Parma Park Apartment complex is owned by Gross Residential. They sent 19 News this statement regarding the matter:
“We are aware of the situation, are proactively addressing it and have been in touch with the concerned residents. The affected and isolated areas – two suites total – will be aggressively treated by a licensed, certified exterminator, and we are committed to resolving the issue as expeditiously as possible. The affected suites will be treated as soon as the residents are able to take the proper precautions and prepare their living spaces for treatment. The comfort of our residents is our priority, and we are taking every measure to ensure the matter is resolved quickly. Payment for an infestation is assessed the same as any other property damage, such as a flood or fire, and only the source of the primary occurrence is charged. We do not charge infestation treatments to residents secondarily affected by another, primary occurrence.”

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