Lake View HS, Parents Bothered By Bed Bugs Found At School

May 3, 2019 By Eric Cox

CHICAGO (CBS) — Students and parents at Lake View High School are alarmed after unwanted visitors were found inside their

Bed bugs were uncovered on campus and now students want answers on how it’s being addressed.
CBS 2’s Eric Cox has the story you’ll see only on 2.
Lake View’s principal informed parents about the bed bugs Thursday night and now both parents and students alike are wondering what administrators are planning to do to address this issue.
Horrifying is how Lake View High School senior Paul Wyshnytzky described an email sent to parents Thursday evening. School administrators finding a bed bug in one of the classrooms.
It’s the second time in recent days.
“It’s obviously concerning because we have so many students here and it’s easily spreadable,” said Wyshnytzky.
Other students also worried about what this discovery means.
“Cross infection and all that, take them home. It’s really bad for us,” said Ramon Martinez, a Lake View junior.
According to the email, school staff inspected the classroom, searched student book bags and sweatshirts and didn’t find any additional bed bugs.
“I just hope they get the school sanitized so this issue won’t happen again,” Wyshnytzsky said.
But others aren’t considering bed bugs a big issue at all.
“It’s a reality,” said Lake View High School parent Liz Jay who has two children attending the school.
But she doesn’t believe this should be the administration’s main concern.
“It’s not like, ‘oh, we should brush it under the rug.’ But as an educator myself and as a parent, I understand,” Jay said.
Lake View administrators calling both cases “isolated incidents” claiming “there is no infestation of bed bugs at the school.”
“I have faith in Lake View administration and I know that they’ll take care of it,” Jay said.
CBS 2 reached out to CPS for comment but have yet to hear back.
In the email sent to parents, the school said they’ll continue to monitor the situation closely.

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