Bedbug News

Staying informed and current on the science, treatment and reports involving bedbugs is key to avoiding infestation and integrated pest management. Visit this page for ongoing links to timely reports, and read our news blog for thoughts and perspectives from our bedbug experts and guest blogger

02.04.15 | Columbus, Ohio home destroyed during bedbug battle (includes video)

02.04.15 | Bedbugs found in elementary school bathroom

02.04.15 | Bedbugs shut down college campus.

02.02.15 | Bats Gifted People with Bedbugs
A paper recently published in the journal Molecular Ecology has zeroed in on just where bedbugs first came from. The research “provides the first genetic evidence that bats were the ancestral host of the bed bugs that plague human residences today,” reports Melissa Hogenboom over at BBC Earth. Read it at:

01.28.15 | Bedbug Reports Up in Lexington, KY |

06.05.12 | Chagas Disease Emergence |
01.15.11 | Bedbugs and Infectious Diseases. Summary: Detailed study of bedbugs concluding that bedbugs are known carriers of infectious microbes. More research is needed. Solid scientific review.11.17.11  | Huffington Post article indicates Bedbugs linked to Chagas Disease. | Drug Resistant Superbugs on ABC News |
The Center for Strategic Information Application Website shares public health and security information. |

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