WestPoint Home, known for its innovation, is KiltronX’s Exclusive Partner in distributing a non-pesticide treatment for bed bugs and kissing bugs, of which both spread the deadly Chagas disease


September 30, 2015 by David Gill

A look at new product launches seen yesterday at the textiles market.


“The Mooreland ensemble from WestPoint Home”

NEW YORK-More new product launches seen yesterday at the New York Home Fashions Market:

Home Source International is spotlighting the Paisley bed, with a comforter made of lightweight upholstery fabric, and made entirely in the United States … Softline Home Fashions is displaying the Milan collection, a grouping of jacquard curtains in four colors with five coordinating treatments … Along with pushing its Star Wars collection of blankets launched at retail earlier this month, Pendleton Woolen Mills is introducing a line of shower curtains, its first entry into this category, which coordinate with its line of bath towels.

Next is highlighting its two most recent licenses: Genevieve Gorder in bedding, with several looks geared toward millennial consumers; and Budweiser, with a line of beach towels designed with the Budweiser and Bud Lite logos … With opulent master bedroom looks trending well, Croscill is launching several high-style ensembles including Imperial, a damask in a deep blue ground; Minka, a Jacobean look on a gold ground; and Britannia, a scrolling medallion pattern in an espresso brown colorway … Innocor is unveiling a line of bed pillows which combine CopperRest technology, which uses copper fibers as an antimicrobial element, and memory foam … Mooreland, a bed ensemble with a medallion print on a dark blue ground, joined WestPoint Home’s lineup in its Downton Abbey license, which it took on when it acquired Nostalgia Home Fashions.

Bacova Guild celebrated its 50th anniversary by relaunching four designs from its first artist, Grace Gilmore, updating them for today’s consumers. In addition, the company showed its new Jessica Simpson rugs and bath accessories, a quilted chef’s mat that incorporates layers of both memory foam and rubber, and sets of carpet stair treads in both woven and printed tufted styles.

Where There’s Bedbugs There’s Chagas?

Bedbugs Could Spread Nasty Chagas Parasite

Thu, 28 May 2015, 05:04 AM by Lee Shearer

Some new medical research gives some added urgency to a once-common admonition of mothers: Don’t let the bedbugs bite.

The little blood-sucking insects are capable of transmitting Chagas disease, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine researcher Michael Levy told ecologists meeting in Athens’ Classic Center Wednesday.

But whether they could ever become an important vector for transmitting the tropical disease remains to be seen. Levy was addressing fellow scientists at the annual Ecology and Evolution of Infectious Disease conference, a gathering of ecologists, medical researchers and others interested in connections between infectious disease ecology and other fields.

Little-known in North America, Chagas disease is caused by a parasite called Trypanosoma cruzi, and transmitted mainly by a kind of insect called triatominae, or kissing bugs. Kissing bugs suck blood, like bedbugs, but that’s not precisely how they pass on the T. cruzi parasite. That happens when they defecate on skin after feeding; a person who scratches the itchy little wound may rub the kissing bug feces into the wound, along with the parasites in the feces.

The disease affects millions of people in Central and South America. Tens of thousands of people in the United States may be infected — but most people who have the disease don’t know they are infected, said Levy, a professor in the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine.

Most infected people don’t have symptoms beyond early infection, but a large minority develop more serious symptoms 10 to 30 years later — symptoms which can include enlarged heart ventricles and heart failure. The long lag makes it hard to keep track of the disease’s spread.

Levy and fellow researchers did experiments to see if mice infected with T. cruzi could pass the parasites on to bedbugs, and if bedbugs could in turn transmit the parasite to mice. In both cases, the answer was yes.

That’s potentially a serious issue Levy said, because of the widespread distribution of bedbugs nowadays. The creatures were nearly eliminated by the use of the pesticide DDT, now banned in the United States, but in the past couple of decades they’ve made a big comeback.

When researchers surveyed one Philadelphia census tract, about 11 percent said they had bedbug infections in their homes, said Levy.

Levy and his fellow researchers added a couple of other worrisome observations when they wrote about their experiments recently in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

There are kissing bugs infected with T. cruzi in the United States, but for the most part they’ve been kept outdoors — but bedbugs are now seemingly everywhere.

And not only are bedbugs making a big comeback, new populations are showing resistance to the pesticides historically used to eliminate them, they wrote.

And treating houses for bedbugs is expensive — around $1,200, far more expensive than treating a house for kissing bugs, he said.

Researchers have still more questions to answer, Levy said.

“We have no idea what bedbugs feed on in the field,” he said — do they feed on mice or dogs, for example?

And ultimately, they hope to have a better idea of just how serious a risk bedbugs pose of transmitting T.cruzi and Chagas disease, he said.

A session on Ebolas virus dynamics and control closes out the conference on Friday.

Bedbug Control System to be Featured at National Show

At the 2015 National Hardware Show this spring, textile giant WestPoint Hospitality will be launching the first and only patent-pending layered textile perimeter bedbug control system ever made. This comprehensive system is powered by KiltronX Cutelin, a green-engineered technology.

The National Hardware Show, which attracts a worldwide audience of more than 27,000 industry professionals, will be held in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV, Tuesday, May 5 – Thursday, May 7, 2015. This is the prime time and place for face-to-face sourcing, trading and learning for the $343 Billion-Dollar U.S. home improvement and DIY markets. It is your major source for products sold for after-market home products. Don’t miss this industry gathering.

Visit Westpoint Hospitality and KiltronX Enviro Systems at Booth 5544.